After Senate Vote, Bredesen Says 'Yes' to Kavanaugh

Oct 5, 2018

After Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination cleared a key procedural vote in the U.S. Senate, making way for a final confirmation vote that's expected soon, Phil Bredesen released a statement of support for Kavananaugh.

Phil Bredesen speaks at the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce in September of 2018.
Credit WUTC

Bredesen, the Democratic candidate to replace retiring U.S. Senator Bob Corker, had said eariler this week that he was still holding his opinion in reserve while the FBI investigated a sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh.

Today, Bredesen released this statement:


"Presidents have the right to appoint justices who share their values--elections have consequences. I believe a Senator’s responsibility to ‘advise and consent’ is not a license to indulge in partisanship, but should focus on the qualifications of the nominee, their ethics and their temperament.

"I believed that Judge Kavanaugh initially met this test, and I was prepared to say ‘yes’ to his nomination prior to Dr. Ford’s coming forward. While the subsequent events make it a much closer call, and I am missing key pieces of information that a sitting Senator has, I’m still a ‘yes.'

"Dr. Ford is a heroine, and has brought forcefully into the national conversation the many barriers women face in reporting and dealing with sexual harassment and assault. I was disgusted by the treatment she received at the hands of the Senate and am determined to help bring about a fairer and far more respectful treatment of these issues.”

Bredesen's Republican opponent Marsha Blackburn expressed her support for Kavanaugh more than a month ago.