Blissfully 'Unassigned' After 40+ Years, NPR's Robert Siegel Retires

Jan 5, 2018

Robert Siegel is retiring from NPR on 1/5/18.
Credit Stephen Voss/NPR

"I'm anticipating life unassigned," NPR's Robert Siegel says as he looks forward to retirement. "No deadlines, no stories."

Whether he will come back on occasion, he doesn't know.

I hope he does.

Because he's been hosting NPR's All Things Considered for decades, I grew up listening to Siegel's voice every weekday afternoon. Like many WUTC listeners and employees, I'm going to miss hearing him.

But I'm glad I had the privilege of speaking with him about his long career, including the early days when he, Susan Stamberg and others were crammed into a tiny, smoke-filled studio; his time as NPR's London Bureau Chief; and why he hasn't updated his Twitter feed in months.