Bringing Anya Home: A Benefit Concert in Collegedale Community Church 3/31

Mar 28, 2018

Soon after Alan and Nicole Parker were married, they began having children. Within three years, they had a daughter and two sons. The children had arrived a little more quickly than they had planned, but they were happy, despite Nicole’s nagging feeling that they were supposed to have another daughter. Richard Winham picks up the story from here, and talks about the benefit concert coming up 3/31.

EVENT INFORMATION FROM the concert's Facebook page:

A concert to benefit Alan and Nicole Parker, who are adopting an orphan girl named Anya from Ukraine. Featured performers include:

Steve Darmody
Eryca Nelson
Martin Young
Naomi Jackson
inSpirit - The Men's Chorus
Benjamin Jenkins (from The King's Heralds)
One Little Light (Sarah Tullock)
Matthew Kimbley
Ethan McGrath

Admission is free. An offering will be collected and all proceeds will go to the adoption fund. We do hope you'll join us for this special community event.