Corker's Successor? Berke, Haslam, Maybe. Peyton Manning: 'Don't Fan the Flames'

Sep 28, 2017

U.S. Senator Bob Corker speaks to reporters on 9/27/17 about his retirement.

U.S, Senator Bob Corker isn’t totally ruling out the idea he might run for Governor of Tennessee in 2018. But it seems unlikely--"If that were something I were going to attempt to pursue," he said to reporters Wednesday, "it would have been good to think about it a year ago."

Corker, a two-term Senator, announced his retirement earlier this week.

He’s had a sometimes-rocky relationship with President Trump. Last month, at a Rotary Club meeting in Chattanooga, Corker said Trump hadn’t demonstrated the stability nor some of the competence needed to succeed.

Wednesday, Corker also said he’s frustrated by legislative gridlock in Washington.

He told reporters he never intended to make his time in Washington into a career--he was considering retiring before Trump’s election.

"Look," he said, "is it frustrating we are not doing major bipartisan legislation on the Senate floor? No question. Is that the the reason I made this decision? No."

Corker is a former Chattanooga mayor. Andy Berke, the current mayor, has announced he’s considering running for the open Senate seat. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is considering it as well.

One other name that’s been mentioned to replace Corker, but Corker says is pretty unlikely: former football star Peyton Manning.

"I got a text from him today, 'Please do not fan the flames."