George Harrison: An Appreciation

A two-part special, George Harrison: An Appreciation, will air as a Free Lunch on the week of November, 24, right here on WUTC.

Chattanooga, TN – George Harrison has always been a somewhat enigmatic figure - a fact that is all the more considerable when one consider the amount of ink that's been spilled over the past forty years about him and his former band mates.
There is little we don't know about his life before the Beatles: during the band's heyday their every move was covered by the press, but since the break-up of the band and his relatively short career as a touring musician in the 70s, George Harrison has become an increasingly reclusive figure. Unlike Paul and John, he has never seemed particularly keen on a public role, apparently preferring his garden to the stage or the front page.

And yet, George Harrison was an integral part of The Beatles, and he was also the first member of the band to have one of his songs, "My Sweet Lord", reach number one on the charts. The songs he wrote in the 60s are among The Beatles' most popular recordings. Frank Sinatra has been quoted as saying that Harrison' "Something" is one of the best pop songs ever written. But clearly, in part by his reclusive nature, George's contribution to the band, and his subsequent solo career, has received relatively little attention. Nobody, as yet, has compiled a tribute album to George: and, until now, nobody has produced a radio program celebrating the songs he wrote while he was a Beatle or as a solo artist.

If, like me, you feel that George is one of the best songwriters of his generation, join us for George Harrison: An Appreciation, a two-hour tribute to the "quiet Beatle". The special will air as the Free Lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 26th and on Thursday, Nov. 28th, at 12noon