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SaReel Project On Voices From Home

The 'avant world' ensemble SaReel Project will be featured on Voices From Home on Saturday July 27 at 8:00PM.Chattanooga, TN – The Sa-Reel Project began as a collaborative effort between composer/performers Darryl Gregory and Sasha Bogdanowitsch and grew to include the talents of Peter Hadley and Justin Piccirillo. The ideal aspect of this collaborative 'avant-world' ensemble is to explore the myriad sounds available to composers using instruments from around the world as well as common household items, junk and Western instruments. This group of composers is moving on a path of total integration of styles: bluegrass and Indonesian gamelan, jazz structure and Indian improvisational techniques, rock back-beat and African polyrhythms; nothing is sacred and why should it be? This is a project about the transmigration of styles and the surprising sounds and forms from four young composer/performers.

The Sareel Project came through Chattanooga on Saturday July 13 for a performance at Barking Legs Theatre. Before their performance they swung by the WUTC studios and performed some music in session featuring instruments like the Udu drum, Indonesian jaw harp, cuban box drum, bells, handmade flutes, voices and many others. Their feature on Voices From Home will include these 'in session' performances, some pieces recorded at their Barking Legs concert, a couple of pieces from their self-titled CD and an interview with Joshua Daniels. For more information on the SaReel Project visit their website at www.worldinone.org
and be sure to tune in to Voices From Home on Saturday July 27 at 8:00PM right here on NPR Music 88.1.