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White House Changes Include New Spy Center

The White House announces that it is embracing dozens of recommendations from a presidential commission on intelligence and weapons of mass destruction. The approval comes after a three-month review of 74 specific changes in U.S. intelligence gathering.

In the resulting shakeup, the CIA is expected to keep control of covert ops and overall human spying. Also, the White House has given a thumbs-up to creating a Counter-Proliferation Center, along the lines of the new National Counter-Terrorism Center, to be centered within the FBI.

The panel led by Lawrence Silberman and Charles Robb issued a blistering report in March, saying U.S. spy services were "dead wrong" on Iraq's pre-war weapons programs -- and that today they know "disturbingly little" about current threats, such as Iran and North Korea.

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Mary Louise Kelly is a co-host of All Things Considered, NPR's award-winning afternoon newsmagazine.