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Celebrating Late Summer's Basil Bonanza

Commentator Jack Staub rhapsodizes about his favorite herb, basil, which is abundant this time of year. He also offers hints about what to do with all of it, including a recipe for handy and easy-to-use pesto cubes.

These cubes will maintain a zingy, summery bite even after months in the freezer. To use, just thaw one or two. For real Italian pesto, reprocess with pine nuts and fresh Parmesan cheese.

You can also use them for marinating meats, tossing with vegetables and a squeeze of lemon, starting salad dressings, and adding fresh, green body to soups and stews. And, best of all, they'll keep that yearned-for taste of summer lingering on your tongue all winter long.

Commentator Jack Staub lives and gardens in Bucks County, Pa. He's also the author of 75 Exciting Vegetables for Your Garden.

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Jack Staub