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Zeb Hogan from Nat Geo WILD's Monster Fish at the Tennessee Aquarium

Some of the world's rivers provide a natural habitat for extremely large fish.  These animals are the stars in the  Nat Geo WILD program Monster Fish.  In June 2012 Zeb Hogan visited Chattanooga in search of giant catfish in the Tennessee River.  The season opener for Monster Fish will air on Nat Geo WILD Friday July 5, 2013 at 10:00 PM and includes the Chattanooga visit.

Credit Tennessee Aquarium
National Geographic Fellow Dr. Zeb Hogan films an episode of Monster Fish at the Tennessee Aquarium

These fresh water giants can exceed 500 pounds and can  be hundreds of years old.  The Tennessee Aquarium spent months converting a salt water tank to fresh water to provide a home for their newest exhibit, River Giants.  National Geographic explorer and fresh water giant expert Dr. Zeb Hogan was in Chattanooga for the grand opening of the exhibit and shares information about mega fish in the fresh water rivers of the world.

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