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Creating Playspace For Everyone


Designing a public play space for everyone regardless of their ability is a challenge. 

Chattanooga based PlayCore incorporates 7 principles of inclusive play to determine the best approach to fully accessible playground equipment and play spaces.  The principles include:

  • Be Fair
  • Be Included
  • Be Smart
  • Be Independent
  • Be Safe
  • Be Active
  • Be Comfortable

PlayCore consults experts in a variety of fields to develop age appropriate elements designed to educate as well as foster imaginative play.  The focus for the play spaces is not on the limitations of people but more in the abilities that can be included in active play. 
This interview is a companion piece to National Public Radio's Accessibility Project.  NPR is collecting information for a national database on accessible public playgrounds.  You can access this project at npr.org/playgrounds/.

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