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Military Women Combat Challenges in Service

On Veteran's Day, we honor those who have served by talking with five women who have fought for this country. All five are also authors. We hear how they hope to encourage a new generation of women in the military. Join @TellMeMoreNPR for a Live Twitter chat at 11:00am ET. We will talk about women in combat, race in the military, balancing career & motherhood and why women choose to serve.

Featured Women Military Veteran Authors

Garciela Tiscareno-Sato @GraceTiscareno served as an aircrew member and navigator during her nine years of Air Force service. She's the author of Good Night Captain Mama a bilingual book for young children on why moms join the military.

Miyoko Hikiji @MHikiji spent her military career in both the active duty Army and the Iowa National Guard. She was mobilized twice—once after September 11th and again in 2003 for a yearlong deployment in Iraq. She's the author of All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq.

Linda Maloney @MilitaryFlyMoms was one of the first women in U.S. history to join a combat military flying squadron and served for 20 years in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer. She's the author of Military Fly Moms.

Valerie Ormond @BelieveInHorses served in the U.S. Navy retiring at the rank of Captain in 2009. She is the author of the novel Believing In Horses and speaks to audiences about writing and positive change.

Shannon H. Polson @ABorderLife served eight years as an attack helicopter pilot in the Army and worked five years in corporate marketing and management roles before turning to writing full time. She is the author of North of Hope: A Daughter's Arctic Journey.

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