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Kirby Delauter, Who Didn't Want His Name In A News Story, Is Now A Story

Update at 9:21 a.m. ET, Jan. 8

We reported Wednesday eveningthat Frederick County, Md., Council Member Kirby Delauter has apologized. You can find that story here.

Our original post:

Frederick County, Md., Council Member Kirby Delauter threatened a local reporter with a lawsuit for using his name in a storywithout permission.

Delauter was mentioned exactly once in that article about parking issues. We could explain what he said in his Facebook post on Monday; instead we'll just point you to the screen grab, captured by The Washington Post.

/ Screen grab from The Washington Post
Screen grab from The Washington Post

Delauter's original post appears to have been removed.

Well, today, the Frederick News-Post responded, in an an editorial, which is in the form of an acrostic, originally scheduled to be published next Sunday. Its headline: "Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter."

The piece's tone is tongue-in-cheek. Here's an excerpt:

"Knowing Councilman Kirby Delauter as we do, we weren't surprised that he threatened The Frederick News-Post with a lawsuit because we had, he says — and we're not making this up — been putting Kirby Delauter's name in the paper without Kirby Delauter's authorization. Attorneys would be called, Kirby Delauter said.

"In fact, we spent quite some time laughing about it. Kirby Delauter, an elected official; Kirby Delauter, a public figure? Surely, Kirby Delauter can't be serious? Kirby Delauter's making a joke, right?"

Do head over to the Frederick News-Post for the full editorial. It's worth the read.

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Krishnadev Calamur is NPR's deputy Washington editor. In this role, he helps oversee planning of the Washington desk's news coverage. He also edits NPR's Supreme Court coverage. Previously, Calamur was an editor and staff writer at The Atlantic. This is his second stint at NPR, having previously worked on NPR's website from 2008-15. Calamur received an M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri.