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“The A List” Preview: Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest

Fawn Weaver
Uncle Nearest
Fawn Weaver

In 2016, the New York Times published a story uncovering the "secret ingredient" behind renowned whiskey brand, Jack Daniel's: the help from an enslaved man by the name of Nearest Green.

At that time, the brand was beginning to embrace the complicated ties between whiskey-making and slavery - a history that notoriously excluded Black laborers from the discussion for generations.

When Fawn Weaver read that story about Nearest Green, her life took a dramatic and surprising turn.

She is now the founder and CEO of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey - working to cement the legacy of Nearest Green with every bottle sold.

On Thursday night at 8:30 PM, “The A List with Alison Lebovitz” from our public media partner WTCI PBS visits the distillery in Shelbyville, Tennessee - and Fawn talks to Alison about the business of preserving one man's story.

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