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Folk Art Faithful Flock To Paradise Garden For Finster Fest

Hobbes (top step) and Calvin grab some shuteye as they ponder all the work that has to get done to prepare for Finster Fest 2022.
Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden / Facebook
Hobbes (top step) and Calvin grab some shuteye as they ponder all the work that has to get done to prepare for Finster Fest 2022.

When folk artist Howard Finster of Summerville, Georgia made a splash during the 1980’s, he covered the bases of American pop culture at that time: as a guest on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, in a music video with Athens’ own REM - and on the cover of “Rolling Stone.”

The photo of him from that cover is on the poster for this year’s Finster Fest - this Saturday and Sunday at Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden in Summerville.

Tina Cox is executive director of Paradise Garden.

Howard Pousner and Russell Cook are board members of the Paradise Garden Foundation.

More information at paradisegardenfoundation.org.

Finster Fest 2022 poster.
Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden / Facebook

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