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For Pets, Advanced Radiation Treatment At The Pullen Cancer Center

Inside the Pullen Cancer Center.
Veterinary Care and Specialty Group
Inside the Pullen Cancer Center.

Last month, a new cancer treatment center for dogs and cats that features cutting-edge technology opened here in Chattanooga - at one of the largest private veterinary hospitals in the Southeast.

The Pullen Cancer Center - an addition to the Veterinary Care & Specialty Group at 3201 Broad St. - offers specialized radiation therapy through the latest model of a linear accelerator, one of the most advanced for people or pets here in this region.

The accelerator's external beam radiation therapy provides precise targeting of tumors, especially in vulnerable positions, while avoiding healthy tissue - with shorter treatments and less anesthesia.

Dr. Billy Pullen is the Center's Medical Director.

Leading the center is Dr. Jason Strasberg, one of only a few veterinary radiation oncologists in this country.

Ray is the host and producer of Scenic Roots, Mondays - Thursdays at 3 PM on WUTC.
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