Annual Reports


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requires each radio licensee that receives CPB Community Service Grants to disclose certain information to the public to meet the stipulations of The Communications Act of 1934. WUTC maintains its annual financial reports in electronic (see below) and printed versions in our offices located at 104 Cadek Hall on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

WUTC’s public files are located in the main administrative area of the station and in the archived records section located in the back of the station. These files contain the current Annual Financial Report (AFR) filed with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the current EEO report, and all other reports required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

WUTC posts these required financial records to ensure compliance with CPB fiscal transparency requirements. Certification of WUTC’s continued compliance with the open financial records requirement is completed every year as part of the Certification of Eligibility in the Stations Grant Management System.


  • Dr. Richard Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor, Finance & Operations, UTC  | 423.425.4393
  • Chuck Cantrell, Station Director and Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Marketing & Communications | 423.425.4363 |
  • Mark Colbert, Program Director | 423.425.4790 |
  • Mary Ollie Newman, Development Director | 423.425.4364 |     


WUTC is a licensee of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga which is governed by the University of Tennessee and its Board of Trustees. All meetings for the UT Board of Trustees are open to the public and announced on their website. Current UT Board of Trustees members and scheduled meeting dates are listed here:


WUTC is not required to file an IRS Form 990. According to CPB policy, the station is required to post compensation information as outlined in the Form 990. Had WUTC been required to file an IRS Form 990, it would have identified the following information:

  • Compensation paid to officers, directors, and/or trustees:          NONE
  • Compensation of more than $150,000 paid to key employees:   NONE
  • Compensation of more than $100,000 paid to the 5 highest-paid employees:  NONE
  • Compensation of more than $100,000 paid to former officers, key employees, or highest compensated employees:   NONE
  • Former directors or trustees who received, in the capacity of former director or trustee of the organization, more than $10,000 in reportable income from the organization or any related organizations:  TWO


In fiscal year 2015, WUTC staff consisted of:

  • 9 full-time employees
  • 2 part-time employees
  • 2 part-time student employees
  • 4 unpaid student DJs. Of those 17 people, 12 were male and 5 were female; two are racially diverse. WUTC works with student interns who add additional age, race, and cultural diversity to station operations.

Of those 17 employees, 12 were male and 5 were female; two are racially diverse. WUTC works with student interns who bring added demographic diversity to station operations. WUTC strives to create and nurture a diverse staff of individuals who reflect the multicultural nature of the university, the city of Chattanooga, and the greater metropolitan area. At WUTC, we believe a diverse staff contributes to our mission and our goals. This diversity is heard in WUTC’s programming which reflects the voices of the campus, the city, and the region in multiple genres, from Americana and bluegrass to reggae, rock, R&B and soul.