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Crafty Geeks

Elise Adams Taylor

Nerd Wars is a friendly fiber arts competition between geeks, nerds and passionate fans.

Groups compete in quarterly tournaments that feature monthly challenges focused in the areas of intellectual, scientific, technical, philanthropy, nerd culture and geek pride.  Each tournament competing teams are formed by people with similar interests, perhaps an avid Harry Potter fan or someone that has seen every possible episode of Doctor Who.  Challenges are met when individuals complete fiber projects by knitting, crocheting, weaving or spinning.  Information about the project and pictures are posted on the Nerd Wars group at ravelry.com and points are awarded based on completion of the challenge.  Extra points can be awarded if the project can be linked in some way to the team.  Many choose to compete as individuals in the Ninja Warrior category where the points do not count against other teams, ninja warriors only challenge themselves.  It is all in good fun and provides a friendly nudge to complete crafting projects each month.   It also provides an active social network of talented crafters that celebrate their nerdity one stitch at a time.

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