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Do You Recognize this Couple?

Fifty-eight years ago, a Swiss photographer, Robert Frank, visited Chattanooga and photographed people going about their daily business downtown. He took fascinating snapshots of everyday life in 1955. But much more fascinating, at least for local photojournalist Billy Weeks, is that Frank failed to get any information about the people he photographed.

One of the photographs is of a young interracial couple standing on the curb waiting to cross the street. Who are they is just one of the myriad questions Billy Weeks would like to answer. The photograph has been reprinted in a number of books, as well as in Franks’ book, The Americans. It has also been displayed in many of the most prestigious art museums in the country and yet, still after all these years, nobody knows who they are.

If you do have any information, you can contact Billy Weeks: weeks.b@gmail.com or 423-316-6810.