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Book News: A 'Treasure' Of Thrilling Westerns from Tim Champlin

Chattanooga-area author Tim Champlin's first few novels were published in the early 1980s.  Writing mainly Westerns, he's now penned more than thirty-five books.  In this extended interview, he discusses his long career.  Many of his novels originally published in paperback or hardcover are being re-issued as e-books.

Treasure of the Templars, one of his more recent re-releases, is a genre-bending story about an archaeologist in the Old West who searches for a hidden fortune buried by the secretive Knights Templars.

From the Amazon.com page:

An archeology professor finds a journal in the ruins of a Scottish dungeon. The journal of a long-dead knight reveals the location in the new world of the vanished treasure of the Knights Templar. An 1898 shadow organization is also after the treasure and try to kill McGinnis. Marcus Flood, former monk, becomes the professor’s bodyguard. They team up with the professor’s niece and the three of them go after the treasure deep in the American southwest.

Part Western, part conspiracy tale, the novel has plenty of action and intrigue.
Tim Champlin's prolific catalog of other novels can be found online at Amazon, Smashwords and other booksellers.
From Champlin's Smashwords profile:

Champlin has achieved a notable stature in being able to capture that time in complex, often exciting, and historically accurate fictional narratives. His stories contain unconventional plots, striking historical details, sharply defined characters--all of which keep the reader turning the pages. Some of his subjects feature lumber schooners sailing the West Coast, early-day wet-plate photography, daredevils who thrill crowds with gas balloons and the first parachutes, tong wars in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Basque sheepherders, and the Penitentes of the Southwest. His tales, whether set in the Civil War, Victorian England, or on the American frontier, are always highly entertaining. He has twice been a Finalist in the Western Writers of America Spur Awards competition--in 1999 for the short story, "Color At Forty-Mile" and again in 2013 for his original paperback novel, THE SECRET OF LODESTAR. His latest novel was CROSS OF GOLD, published by Thorndike Press in October, 2013. His agent is currently marketing a completed manuscript, MARK TWAIN SPEAKING FROM THE GRAVE.

Champlin is also working on nonfiction--a book about Louis L'Amour.  That book is due out next summer.