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Free Lunch for Tuesday, Feb. 4 2003

By Sean Phipps

Chattanooga, TN – The Free Lunch this Tuesday features the renowned guitarist, Ry Cooder and Cuban legend Manuel Galban, with their collaboration of catchy, instrumental surf music.

It's been 15 years since Ry Cooder released an album that featured him as the artist and producer, but it was worth the wait. Mambo Sinuendo pairs Cooder with Cuban guitar sensation, Manuel Galban.

Together they have created a masterpiece of sunny rhythms in the style of the Ventures with the aid of Galban's "twangy guitar."

Galban is a member of the highly acclaimed Buena Vista Social Club, which included legendary, 90-year-old guitarist, Compay Segundo. Segundo collaborated with Cooder on the 97' release titled the Buena Vista Social Club. Galban is also the guitarist and arranger for the Cuba's most popular vocal group for 40 years, Los Zafiros.
Mambo Sinuendo finally gives Galban the credit he's deserved.

If there were a word to describe Mambo Sinuendo then 'variety' would suffice. Every song takes a stab at a different style of music. However, each song somehow manages to reflect the 50's Cuban era of surf-jazz. The cacophony of loose guitar riffs and melodic drumbeats make this album the perfect background music for almost any occasion.

"They'll tell you in Cuba that it comes through the legs," Cooder told the Toronto Sun. "You're not thinking, you're moving. And it's a rhythm that people found irresistible."

And the rhythm certainly isn't lacking on Mambo Sinuendo. Almost every track, including my personal favorite 'Echale Salsita,' give the listener and opportunity to feel the music.

Mambo Sinuendo is currently ranked number 3 in sales on Amazon.com, one of the largest retailers of music.
One reviewer wrote " It's joyous, mercurial stuff that the two musicians conjure at their fingertips."-Jerry McCulley

Certainly the "high performance twang" of Mambo Sinuendo will provide the perfect soundtrack for your free lunch this Tuesday.