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Free Lunch for Thursday, October 9th

Chattanooga, TN – The brand-new release from the (un)prolific singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett is now in Stores.

"My Baby Don't Tolerate" is the name of the album released on Lost Highway Records. This album is a collection of new material...that's right, All New Material from Lyle Lovett.

It's been seven years since his acclaimed "Road to Ensenada," solo effort. In fact, critics are calling "My Baby Don't Tolerate" a sort of sequel to 1996's "Road to Ensenada."

Lyle Lovett is doing what he does the best-singing country songs. "My Baby Don't Tolerate" is as clean as a whistle and a perfect companion for your lunch hour this Thursday.

For more information on Lyle Lovett, visit losthighwayrecords.com