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Free Lunch Special of the Day: Authentic Blues

Chattanooga, TN – Picture an evening at the Bluebird Cafe with three of the most celebrated Blues artists touring today. Now, take that setting and move it to an old, timberwood barn in a small Maine town. Add some recording equipment and we have Sisters & Brothers, the new album from Eric Bibb, Rory Block, and Maria Muldaur.

The album's focus is the idea of family, but that makes sense considering the artists' roots. According to Maria Muldaur's website (mariamuldaur.com), the idea of family has always been an important part of blues music:

"Since the earliest beginnings of the blues in the Mississippi delta, musicians of every generation and every locale have been linked by an unspoken bond that is almost spiritual. While gender, race, geography or personal background may vary from one musician to the next, there is something about their commitment to the blues-a music that speaks to so many universal aspects of the human condition-that unites all of them as family." (mariamuldaur.com)

Furthermore, covers of Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody," the Bill Withers standard "Lean on Me" help project the idea of family.

More information on Sisters & Brothers can be found at telarc.com