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Linda Bullard Recalls Past As Teen Mother to Help Others Understand Choices

Linda Murray Bullard

Linda Murray Bullard, a teenage mother in the 1970's, learned to make choices that would set her life on a positive course of improvement. 

Bullard's mother died on a Christmas morning when Bullard was a young girl.  Linda Bullard was pregnant at 13 and gave birth to her son when she was 14 years old.  In her book, The Well Ran Dry - Memoirs of A Motherless Child, she credits her father’s faith in her as part of changing her expectations that completely changed her life.  The first of her family to get a college degree, she raised her son to make the kind of choices that would open doors for him.  Bullard is an author, owns her own business consulting firm, and is a motivational speaker to help young people look at their own decisions in life.

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