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Chattanooga Photojournalist Gardner Will Document Kenyan Refugees

Molly Gardner Photography

Molly Gardner plans to fly to Nairobi, Kenya this summer to meet women who create goods for the fair-trade nonprofit Amani ya Juu, which helps refugee women earn a living by creating clothing and other goods.

Gardner, a Chattanooga photographer and artist, works as the event coordinator for the Amani distribution center here in Chattanooga.

In this conversation with WUTC's Michael Edward Miller, she speaks about exactly what Amani does, how her trip will help refugee women in Kenya, and how she's seeking community support.

Afundraising eventis coming up April 1st at 1885 Grill..

On the event's Facebook page, Gardner says:

As many of you know, I am traveling to an Amani ya Juu location in Nairobi, Kenya this summer. I will be focusing on photojournalistic documentation of the Amani women and the day-to-day life at Amani Kenya. Over the past year Amani has become a huge part of my life, blessing it in ways I've never imagined. I've learned more about everything from planning local events to the difference between Kanga and Kitenge African fabrics. Most importantly, I'm learning how to better love and serve others because of the love, joy and peace that God has brought to me through Amani. So, if you're free on the 1st of April, I would love to share my exciting Amani adventure with you!

The evening's festivities will include live jazz featuring the talented Joy Devlin, a silent auction highlighting many of Chattanooga's finest merchants and artists, a series of speakers, and of course awesome food, drinks and Amani art!

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