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Old Style Service Provided at New Butcher Shop

Main Street Meats

Main Street Meats takes lessons learned from the history of butchering to make their new enterprise stand out from the rest. 

This USDA licensed butcher shop quality control starts with the animal's food source and continues through the brown paper wrapping before your purchase leaves the shop.  All of the meat sold at Main Street Meats comes from local farms.  The animals are either purely grass fed or provided non GMO feed from local farms.  Main Street Meats also requires that the animals are well cared for, steroid free and allowed to mature to provide the best quality and taste.   Once the animal carcass reaches the shop on Main Street it will be allowed to age if applicable and prepared for sale.  Every portion of the animal is available; stocks from the bones, lard, choice cuts, and unusual cuts you might not typically see in your average grocery store.

One very big difference from your average butcher shop is the full kitchen where their chefs prepare lunch Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.  The daily specials and regular sandwiches available on the lunch menu showcase their meat and provide customers with a chance to taste the difference their butchering techniques provide.  All of the bacon, sausage and other forms of charcuterie offered at Main Street Meats are blended and cured in-house from the same carefully chosen meat sources. 

Main Street Meats also provides meats for several restaurants in the region.   They are located at 217 East Main Street, expanding the former location of Link Forty One and incorporating the artisan meats Chattanoogans have enjoyed for years.