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Did Cleveland, TN Really Redefine 'Mile High Club' With $42 Million in Pork?

The Beacon Center of Tennessee's 2014 Pork Report roasts government spending that the center claims is wasteful, including $42 million for a private jetport in Cleveland, Tennessee.

"Apparently," the report says, "Cleveland officials felt our well-to-do comrades should not be relegated to commuting with the common folk from the Chattanooga airport."

In this segment, that claim is examined--did the money truly come from Tennessee taxpayers?  Were the jetport's upscale furnishings bought with public funds?  Why does Cleveland's Mayor, Tom Rowland, characterize the jetport as a business investment rather than pork?

The report's most startling claim is also examined--the 2014 "Pork of the Year" prizewinner.  According to the report, up to $181 million of unemployment benefits were paid to dead people, felons in prison, and other people who weren't supposed to receive unemployment checks.