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On the Road with the Chattahooligans

Chattanooga Football Club

As the Chattanooga Football Club prepared to travel to Red Bull Arena to face the New York Red Bull U23 team in the National Premiere Soccer League Championship, the supporters for the team filled a bus with Chattahooligans to cheer on their home team. 

I traveled with the fans and learned what it means to be a Chattahooligan during the course of 30 hours on a bus crammed with cheering soccer fanatics.  Being a Chattahooligan means much more than just chanting and cheering at home games.  For many of the people on this trip, being a hooligan means going where ever the team is to let them know they are never alone at any match.  For me, the most emotional moment of the game was not the first or the last goal.  It was when the Chattanooga Football Club came across the field to applaud and honor the Chattahooligans.  The supporters were there for the team and the team responded with support for the fans. 

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