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Hamilton County Election Day is 8/7. Here's How to Get Informed.


August 7th will feature both Democratic and Republican primaries and will give Hamilton County residents a chance to vote on state and local judges, the Hamilton County Mayor, and more. The ballot has so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Here's how to get informed:

1. Research the candidates. Nooga.com reporters sent questionnaires to the 100+ candidates in this election, asking them to identify three issues important to them and state how they would address those issues if elected. The candidate list and questionnaire answers are featured in the Nooga.com election guide.   (Nooga.com also hosts a new political & pop-culture discussion podcast called "The Task Force.")

2. Check out the Hamilton County Election Commission's Web site.  It features information on where to vote, as well as what to bring (a photo ID is needed--a driver's license or passport will suffice, even expired ones), and sample ballots for August 7th.

3. Use the "My Voting Information" tool to get specific info about your choices. It's on this page at the Commission's Web site, and it looks like this:


Enter your street address and find out your County Precinct, County Commissioner District, School Board District, and more. This is important. If you check out one of the Web site's sample ballots, you'll be presented with many more choices than you're actually eligible to vote for. You need to know your district numbers to see who and what you can actually choose. The sample ballots list candidates for ALL districts, so you'll need to narrow it down to what applies to you.

And after you vote, you may want to reward yourself with an evening at the We Voted party.