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Start It Up Episode 2: Chattanooga Loves Argentinian Wine and CO.STARTERS Grows Like Wildfire


Local Wine Importer Highlights His Argentinian Heritage

When Mariano Cebrian moved to Chattanooga, it immediately reminded him of home. The only thing missing were the wines produced by his family and their friends. Mariano and his partners founded Panoram Imports to celebrate the wines and culture of his beloved Argentina.

Co.Starters: Where Every Business Can Get A Great Start

Enoch Elwell is the Founder of Co.Starters, a Chattanooga based non-profit dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses.  Fueled by Enoch's passion to work with small business owners, Co.Starters has grown to more than 30 locations across the United States. Find out why his simple but powerful idea is spreading like wildfire.