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Start It Up Episode 48: Slow Money Movement Gains Momentum

  Originally coined to be the antithesis of fast food, the Slow Food network has become a leading advocate for healthy eating and local, natural, organic farming.  Of course, any startup requires capital, and Slow Food is no exception.  So, Woody Tasch, a Boulder, Colorado investment expert, has founded the Slow Money movement to fund projects around the world to promote local agriculture.  This network has raised more than $40 million for the cause.

Sponsored by the Benwood and Footprint Foundations, Woody recently visited Chattanooga to spread the word. While in town, Woody sat down with Start It Up host Monty Bruell to talk about why Slow Money is gaining traction so fast.  

Tara Viland is the Executive Producer of Start It Up, which airs Fridays at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. on WUTC 88.1 FM.
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