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NLRB Orders Volkswagen to Recognize Chattanooga Union; VW Files Appeal

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  The National Labor Relations Board is ordering Volkswagen to recognize a labor union at its Chattanooga, Tennessee assembly plant. But Volkswagen opposes United Auto Workers Local 42 because the group is only a small part of the plant's overall workforce.

Last year, about a hundred of the plant’s maintenance employees voted for Local 42. It was historic because it was the first time the UAW won a representation election at a foreign-owned auto plant in the South. But the plant’s production employees—the majority of the hourly workforce—were excluded.

Since the vote, VW has stalled on recognizing Local 42.

Recently, the NLRB issued a new ruling that orders VW to collectively bargain with the union.

“This unanimous decision makes it clear that the company has been operating in violation of federal law by refusing to come to the bargaining table," Gary Casteel, secretary-treasurer of the UAW, said in a statement. "As Volkswagen slowly emerges from the global emissions scandal, the company also has an opportunity to improve employee relations in the U.S. We urge Volkswagen to accept the NLRB order and bargain with the local union at the earliest possible date.”

Yesterday, Volkswagen filed an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

"As always," a VW spokesperson said in a statement, "Volkswagen respects the right of all of our employees to decide the question of union representation. This is why we disagree with the decision to separate Volkswagen maintenance and production workers and will continue our effort to allow everyone to vote as one group on the matter of union representation."  

Read more about the dispute on the NLRB's Web site.

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