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Calling the Ocean Floor

(c) Kip Evans
Sylvia Earle

The Aquarius Reef Base is the last undersea research laboratory on the planet. Located 60 feet down off the Florida Keys, the lab provides a home for scientists to spend a week in depths that would be limited to less than an hour diving from the surface.  Aquarius has become part of the deep coral reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  Local marine life coexists with the undersea base, giving scientists the rare opportunity to study these animals over extended periods of time in their natural environment.

Dr. Sylvia Earle is part of a week long underwater expedition to the Aquarius Reef Base to study the reef, work on experiments, and bring attention to the peril of the ocean.  Funding for the last remaining undersea research laboratory has been cut so the future of this type of research is also in peril.  Mission Aquarius will be documenting this expedition to share the stories found under the sea through theOne World One Ocean project.

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