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Artist John McLeod Shows Harmony and Hostility November 15 at St. Pauls Church

John McLeod

Sculptor John McLeod will present "Harmony and Hostility", a one man show featuring his latest work at the Exum Gallery at St. Paul's Church downtown Chattanooga Friday November 15th from 5 to 7 pm. 

The show presents abstract sculpture in wood, stone and metal that embraces the duality of nature's beauty and danger.  Many of the works combine smooth wood with sharp polished metals.  Much of McLeod's previous work has included large installations and carved pieces more than 10 feet tall.  The pieces in the "Harmony and Hostility" show range from 2 or 3 feet or less.

During the extended interview McLeod discussed his motivation for many of the pieces and his general views on art, life, loss, and the combined story that can be told through abstract art.

Complete interview with McLeod (38 minutes)

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