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Richard Winham's Opening Words - Live From WUTC's New Space

Richard Winham's First Words
Nessa Parrish
Richard Winham prepares to go live for the first time since WUTC relocated.

Richard Winham goes live on-air for the first time since WUTC relocated to 540 McCallie Avenue on the UTC campus in downtown Chattanooga - and here are his opening words to listeners:

"We have moved from the basement to the clouds. After forty years of talking to you from the basement of Cadek Hall, WUTC is now in the clouds — high above the city in the State Building on McCallie Avenue. Thanks to Chancellor Angle and the University, we're on the 7th floor — with a panoramic 180-degree view of the city surrounding us.

Three years ago, Bryan Lane — our station manager — came in with a plan to revitalize the station. Realizing his vision needed the support of the University — but equally, it wouldn't have happened without your support.

Moving a radio station, as everyone here has come to realize in the past few months, is a herculean task — as our engineer Michael put it, it's like working on an airplane while it's in the air — but thanks to our team of engineers, it's ready. We are all set to share the promise of our amazing new home. We are back. Thanks to you."