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WUTC Staff Picks: Top of 2022

Top of 2022 Mix
Nessa Parrish

One of the best parts of welcoming a new year is the potential for new music. Below are lists created by WUTC staff members of their personal top music choices from 2022.

Listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.

Richard Winham's Top Albums

Haley Solomon's Top Albums

Haley's Top Songs

Rob Beckett's Top Songs

Nessa Parrish's Top Albums

Nessa's Top Songs

Kalie Shaw's Top Albums

Kalie's Top Songs

Mal O'Connell's Top Songs

Bryan Lane's Top Streaming Shows

  • "Better Call Saul" - Seasons 6 and 6.5
  • "Barry" - Season 3
  • "The Last Movie Stars"
  • "This Is Going To Hurt"
  • "Hacks"
  • "All Creatures Great and Small"
  • "Pachinko"
  • "Somebody Somewhere"
  • "High School"
  • "The Staircase"
  • "Bad Sisters"
  • "Fleishman Is In Trouble"

Bryan's Honorable Mentions

  • "Ozark" - Seasons 4 and 4.5
  • "Julia"
  • "Becoming Elizabeth"
  • "The Outlaws"
  • "Yellowjackets"
  • "Kevin Can F*** Himself"
Bryan joined WUTC as our station manager in 2018.
Richard Winham joined WUTC five years after the station began broadcasting to the Chattanooga area and the Tennessee Valley.
Production Director, Producer & Host at WUTC of The Haley Solomon Show, ElectroNights with Haley Solomon and Wild Woman Radio.
Rob began working at WUTC in the fall of 2016 - and his current duties include station operations, financial management, and assisting the Station Manager.
Nessa is a graduate of UTC, assists with production across the station, hosts and produces her own music show for WUTC: The Rock Show, and acts as the station photographer at various events, including music festivals.
Kalie is a graduate of UTC and a Chattanooga native. In addition to planning events for the station, Kalie is the producer for DJ for an Hour and contributes to the station's festival coverage.
Mal is a Senior at UTC, produces alongside Richard Winham - and hosts and produces his own show on WUTC: The Cuppa Tea.