• HOST

    Brian is the host of Mountain Grass.  He is also a retired journalist, beekeeper, long-time volunteer at WUTC, and lover of bluegrass.

  • Host

    Jeremy Pickard is one of the hosts of Please, Be Quiet Please.  In addition to an all-consuming love of The Magnetic Fields, he is both a playwright and the ginger representative for Team Pickard.

  • Host

    Josh is one of the hosts of Please, Be Quiet Please, and covers local and national music, film and other aspects of pop culture for

  • Host & Producer

    Rabbit has been on the air at WUTC since 1993.  Originally a music host on the weekends and the producer/host of Celtic Harvest, she began producing news segments for Around and About Chattanooga in 2006.  In the fall of 2015,...