Elena Nourabadi

Producer & Host

A graduate of UTC, Elena assists in the production and promotion of Scenic Roots - while she hosts and produces her own show on WUTC:  "Sound Sun Pleasure."  

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eltpics / Creative Commons

Richard Winham shares a writers-in-the-round sessions with finalists from Chattown Stages’ Songwriters Stage, recorded live downtown at The Chattanooga Public Library.  

Claire Stockman’s job in the Hamilton County Schools is Content Lead for the Arts.

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Chattanooga Black Arts & Ideas Festival

This year’s Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts and Ideas will begin in the downtown - starting on Monday, Memorial Day.

Miller Park in downtown Chattanooga.

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, the message in downtown Chattanooga for this summer after more than a year of the pandemic is loud and clear:  “Open for Business.”

  • Marcus Ellsworth, program manager at River City Company.
  • Ricardo Morris of Chattanooga’s Black Arts & Ideas Festival.
  • Claire Stockman of Hamilton County Schools on abc@utc.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”

Cate Doty
Baxter Miller

Richard Winham shares a conversation with Cate Doty - a former wedding announcements writer for “The New York Times” who now lives in Raleigh, NC - on her book “Mergers and Acquisitions.”

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gerios / Creative Commons

The Chattanooga Writers Guild is now accepting submissions for its Annual Spring Writing Contest.

The deadline is June 15th - and winners will be announced on July 15th.

Ray Zimmerman is the Guild’s president - and Kate Landers is a board member.

Jill McCorkle’s new novel - “Hieroglyphics” - delves into history and memory, set in her native North Carolina.

On Tuesday, Jill will participate in a virtual interview as part of FocusLit, the fundraiser for Southern Lit Alliance here in Chattanooga.


  • Author Jill McCorkle & Southern Lit Alliance’s Lynda LeVan.
  • The Chattanooga Writers Guild’s Spring Writing Contest.
  • Talking Writing:  Cate Doty on “Mergers and Acquisitions.”
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”


Alan Shikoh

Richard Winham presents the second half of a performance by guitarist Alan Shikoh, performed at Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga.