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Pledge Drive FAQ

Most radio stations rely on advertising.  WUTC 88.1 FM is different.  As a nonprofit public radio station, we never air commercials.  Instead, our funding comes from your donations and other local and national sources.

What’s a pledge drive?

Also called membership drives, these are times when you tune in and hear our hosts and staff asking listeners to make donations.  Anyone who pledges $60 or more is considered a WUTC member, and is eligible for special thank-you gifts.

Don’t you already get enough money from the government?

Some people believe public radio is funded entirely by the federal government—but that’s a myth.  Like most public radio stations, WUTC does receive money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but it’s only 8% of our revenue.  (State appropriations make up 28%).  Forty percent of our revenue comes from community support.  That happens either through businesses that underwrite our programming, or through listeners like you who make contributions.  Your support is vital to the station.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Absolutely.  When you donate, we’ll send you a letter for tax purposes.

You give away all sorts of prizes during the pledge drives.  Do I have to contribute to get in the drawings?

No.  Come by the station during normal business hours and fill out an entry form if you’d like to enter without making a donation.

How can I make a donation?

Call 423-425-4756, or give online here.