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Abe Partridge

From the studio in the Chattanooga Public Library, this is a session featuring Abe Partridge who is both a visual artist and a singer and songwriter.

In a profile in The Bitter Southerner, Tony Paris wrote “Partridge writes to make you sit up and think. He wants to jar your reality. Sometimes, his lyrics are sly and subtle. Sometimes they come at you with a roar and thunder, as if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were approaching, and the heavens were opening up to herald a warning."

Together with his co-producer Ferrill Gibbs, Abe Partridge also makes the Alabama Astronaut, a podcast in which he and Gibbs explore songs previously undocumented at churches in Appalachia. Partridge also chats with Holiness preachers and looks into the practice of snake handling. It was in the Top 10 documentary podcasts on Apple Podcasts within days of its release and now has over 50k downloads and a 4.9-star rating.

From the studio in the Chattanooga Public Library, this is Abe Partridge.

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