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Mitch Patel Reflects On Vision Hospitality Group At 25 Years

Mitch Patel
Vision Hospitality Group
Mitch Patel

Mitch Patel is the president and CEO of Vision Hospitality Group here in Chattanooga.

He founded the company twenty-five years ago with 3,000 dollars in his savings account.

Since then, he and his team have developed more than 60 hotels.

Today, Vision Hospitality’s portfolio includes more than 40 properties in several states - among them, The Edwin near the Walnut Street Bridge in downtown Chattanooga - with the company’s total market cap worth nearly a billion dollars.

Mitch’s father had only eight dollars in his pocket when he came to this country from India - where he grew up with no running water or electricity, walked several miles to school barefoot and studied at night by a kerosene lamp.

When I spoke with Mitch a few weeks ago, we started with his father and the family story.

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