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The Chambliss Conversations: The Transitional Living Program

From the Transitional Living Program at Chambliss.
Chambliss Center for Children
From the Transitional Living Program at Chambliss.

This year, Chambliss Center for Children celebrates 150 years in the Chattanooga area - and here on “Scenic Roots,” we’re bringing you conversations about the story of Chambliss.

The foster care program at Chambliss offers eight weeks of training for individuals and couples to become licensed foster parents in the State of Tennessee - and the program now includes case management for nearly 40 foster homes in Hamilton County and the surrounding areas.

However, a flaw in the foster care system was revealed when studies began to focus on the life and success of young adults who “age out” of that system the moment they turn 18.

For some youth who turn 18 in foster care, there is no plan for future housing or support - which can lead to a lack of preparation for adulthood.

In 2008, Tennessee adopted the Extension of Foster Care Program - allowing the state to extend foster care services until age 21.

Five years ago, in 2017, Chambliss Center for Children started its Transitional Living Program to assist young adults who have aged out of foster care by providing free housing, case management and additional services as they work toward full independence.

Joining us for this conversation: Jon Berestecky, director of the Transitional Living Program at Chambliss - and Tiana, a resident in the program.

For more information on Chambliss Center for Children, visit chamblisscenter.org - or call 423-698-2456.

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