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Āyurveda Awareness In The Heart Of Chattanooga

A few ingredients for an Āyurveda diet
Chattanooga Āyurveda
A few ingredients for an Āyurveda diet

Āyurveda is the ancient and traditional medicine of the Indian subcontinent that takes a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness.

Its practices range from diet and lifestyle to therapies and cleanses.

In this country, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine writes Āyurveda - properly taught and followed - can have “positive effects” as “a complementary therapy in combination with standard, conventional medical care.”

Jennifer Maklan is founder of Chattanooga Āyurveda.

As a practitioner, she has trained in India through a leading education program in Āyurveda as it is taught there today.

On Wednesday, Jennifer teaches an Introduction to Āyurveda class at The Chattery, starting at 6 PM.

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