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“Giant Steps: An Urbean Musical” Grows Into Its Own At CTC

Cast of “Giant Steps:  An Urbean Musical.”
Chattanooga Theatre Centre
Cast of “Giant Steps: An Urbean Musical.”

Some seeds can take many years to grow - but when they do, oh, how what grows stands tall and reaches for the sky.

On Friday, “Giant Steps: An Urbean Musical” premieres at Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

“Giant Steps” reinterprets the story of Jack the Beanstalk into a new tale, set in the inner city, about Jermaine - or “J” - Johnson.

Playwright Michael Dexter - a Chattanooga native who crafted music and lyrics - first thought of the idea for the production twenty years ago.

More information on “Giant Steps” at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre’s website: theatrecentre.com.

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