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Images And Experiences Of “From Where Loss Comes”

A photo in “From Where Loss Comes.”
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A photo in “From Where Loss Comes.”

Pradip Malde chronicles experiences of loss and sacrifice, memory and meaning, with his camera.

A child of Indian immigrants to East Africa, he and his family left his native Tanzania more than fifty years ago as refugees during the chaos of the 1970’s.

Today, Malde is an art professor at the University of the South in Sewanee.

He has traveled to rural communities in Haiti, Tanzania and here in Southeast Tennessee - using his photography as a tool for community development to shine a light on difficult issues.

Thanks to a Guggenheim Fellowship, Malde traveled to Tanzania to document the lives touched by practice condemned on an international level, yet still entrenched in the culture of the country where he was born.

His recently-released book - “From Where Loss Comes” - is a photographic collaboration with a woman in Tanzania who worked for change and is dedicated to her.

Dr. Pradip Malde
Hunter Swenson
Hunter Swenson

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