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Raíces: Luis Contreras and Gisela Bellina

Luis Contreras, Gisela Bellina and their daughters.
The Local Juicery and Kitchen
Luis Contreras, Gisela Bellina and their daughters.

On Main Street in Southside Chattanooga, you’ll find The Local Juicery and Kitchen.

It is one of three local businesses created, owned and operated by Luis Contreras and Gisela Bellina.

He is from Venezuela, she is from Peru - and they with their family have lived in Chattanooga for years.

They are among the voices you will hear from the Latino community in this city on “Scenic Roots” during this Hispanic Heritage Month, in a series of conversations in collaboration with La Paz Chattanooga: a series of conversations we call “Raíces” - or “Roots” in Spanish.

Our thanks to Lily Sanchez at La Paz Chattanooga for bringing us together for these conversations.

Stay tuned for more voices on “Raíces” during this Hispanic Heritage Month on "Scenic Roots."

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