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Answering “What’s Next?” For Parks And Public Spaces

Mitchell Silver
Mitchell Silver
Mitchell Silver

As Chattanooga develops its Parks and Outdoors Plan, a national expert in parks will add his voice to the dialogue.

Mitchell Silver is a former commissioner for the New York City Parks Department - and now vice president of urban planning at McAdams, a land planning and design company.

He will be the next speaker at CIVIQ, the lecture series from Chattanooga Design Studio - on Thursday, November 10th starting at 5:30 PM at the Camp House.

Also, Mitch will participate in a panel discussion with Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly and Scott Martin, administrator for the City of Chattanooga’s Department of Parks & Outdoors - on Wednesday, November 9th, starting at 5 PM at Common House.

I spoke with Mitch Silver and Scott Martin - along with David Chalker of the Chattanooga Design Studio, who starts by reminding us about the mission of the CIVIQ series.

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