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Steve Case On “The Rise Of The Rest” In Chattanooga

Steve Case
Steve Case

Steve Case was one of the co-founders of AOL, a pioneer in the early Internet just before the turn of the millennium.

In recent years, as a billionaire investor through his venture capital firm Revolution, he has supported entrepreneurs and startups beyond Silicon Valley - beyond the coasts - in communities such as Chattanooga, to kickstart what he calls “The Rise of the Rest.”

Five years ago, Case visited Chattanooga to invest in its logistics industry.

This week, he returned to help launch a local initiative to support businesses in what is known as “sustainable mobility”: sustainable ways to move people, freight and data.

He appeared at this week’s CO.MOBILITY Summit held around downtown Chattanooga, including on our campus: the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

I spoke with Steve Case on Wednesday afternoon here at UTC.

Graphic of “The Rise of the Rest” on a map.

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