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How The Black Lunch Table Will Fill In The Gaps At Stove Works

From a Black Lunch Table gathering.
Black Lunch Table
From a Black Lunch Table gathering.

The Black Lunch Table is an oral history archiving project focused on the lives and works of Black artists in communities across the country.

One of the cofounders: artist Heather Hart, whose “Oracle of Connection” installation is on display in the courtyard of Stove Works here in Chattanooga.

On Friday and Saturday, Stove Works will host a series of programs by Black Lunch Table.

  • On Friday, a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon at 5 PM.
  • On Saturday, two roundtables - one at 11 AM for artists and another at 1 PM for community members - along with a photo booth starting at 12 PM.

Josiah Golson is programs director at Stove Works. Eola Dance is executive director of Black Lunch Table - and Aja Scarlato is its lead archives assistant.

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