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Snapshots Of Early Punk In “Retrospect” At Stove Works

“Retrospect” poster at Stove Works.
Stove Works

Theresa Kereakes is a photographer - and one of the original punks in Los Angeles during the 1970’s.

With her camera, she captured unknown and up-and-coming artists in what was then an emerging punk music scene, about to burst into the mainstream - turning several of those artists into stars who remain household names.

“Retrospect” is an exhibition of Theresa’s photos from that era, now on display at Stove Works here in Chattanooga.

She will be at the closing reception for the exhibition, featuring a Q-&-A - on Saturday, September 30th starting at 5:30 PM.

Theresa Kereakes
Theresa Kereakes
Theresa Kereakes

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