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“Networking and Neurodiversity” At The Enterprise Center

Neurodiversity in a crowd.
MissLunaRose12 / Openverse

What does “neurodivergent” mean?

Here’s one definition, from The Cleveland Clinic:

“Neurodivergent is a nonmedical term that describes people whose brains develop or work differently for some reason. This means the person has different strengths and struggles from people whose brains develop or work more typically. While some people who are neurodivergent have medical conditions, it also happens to people where a medical condition or diagnosis hasn’t been identified.”

Next week here in Chattanooga, The Enterprise Center will host “Networking and Neurodiversity: A Different Kind of Happy Hour” - on Wednesday on the fifth floor of The Edney, from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Gabrielle Chevalier is with The Enterprise Center.

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